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Raffles SingaporeSingapore, Singapore

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1 Beach Road
Singapore, Singapore  189673

There are a few hotels in the world whose names have become virtually synonymous with the cities in which they are located – and none more so than Raffles in Singapore. Named after Sir Stamford Raffles, opened in 1887 and soon became the haunt of intrepid travelers from around the world. Past famous guests include Noel Coward, Joseph Conrad and Somerset Maugham, who described the hotel as embodying "all the fables of the exotic East." Through their stories, The Long Bar, the Palm Court and the Bar & Billiard Room with its tiger, became familiar to people who had never even been to Singapore. Today, the hotel continues to embody regal elegance and Old World appeal. In a city where modern buildings compete to touch the sky, this beautifully preserved colonial-style treasure – declared a National Monument in 1992 – takes pride of place in the vibrant civic and business district. This restoration is designed to ensure that we retain what is so special about Raffles – the ambience, the service, the charm and the heritage of the hotel. It is also intended to provide the facilities, spaces and experiences that the well-travelled expect. The newly restored Raffles will breathe new life into our beautiful building. You can expect to experience Raffles’ charming ambiance and legendary service and enjoy newly opened bars, restaurants, courtyards, and social areas; spaces designed to make Raffles the place to meet, spend time, shop and celebrate.

Check In Time: 2:00 PM
Check Out Time: 12:00 Noon

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