What makes cruising different from other types of travel and what are the benefits?
Cruising is the type of vacation where your journey is intimately tied into your overall travel experience. To cruise is to see the world, one port at a time, in the luxury of your ship – well equipped with everything that you need to feel relaxed, enriched, and stimulated on your vacation.
Simply put, cruising is the kind of travel that appeals to people who love to travel at a leisurely pace, who love to visit as many destinations in a single trip, and who love fine food and excellent entertainment. The variety of destinations that you can visit on a cruise truly spans the globe. If you love outdoor adventure, why not consider a cruise to Alaska or the Amazon? If you seek romance, why not consider sailing the South Pacific, or a relaxing itinerary that takes you to the sun-kissed Caribbean or charming Europe? If you’re traveling with the family, why not head to a sunny locale like Mexico or Hawaii? Wherever you want to celebrate we’ll help you find a cruise that will suit you and your group perfectly.
On a cruise, it’s easy to travel to a number of different destinations, all from the comfort of your ship, or hotel at sea. Cruises are especially well suited for groups because they have the space and activities and amenities to cater to everyone in the group for an amazing and memorable vacation.
What kinds of cruises are best for families?
When it comes to family-friendly cruises, we’ll help you find ships that offer the best combination of kid-friendly programs and activities, as well as activities that will interest you (and the rest of the family, too). Some of the most popular lines for families include Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean, for example. Make sure that whichever cruise line or ship that you choose has an excellent kid’s club or kid’s program that is supervised, and ask about special features like babysitting services and teen activities, special infant services, and more. Another factor to take into consideration is the itinerary. You’ll want to pick an itinerary that offers shore excursions that will appeal to all ages. Depending on your family’s travel preferences, we’ll help you decide on the right cruise line, ship, and itinerary that will make your family vacation one that you’ll always remember fondly.
Can cruise ships accommodate a large group over 30 people?
Yes, and in some cases, they can accommodate groups that are even larger. We can help you choose the right cruise ship by finding the best vessels and itineraries that match your interests and needs. Today’s cruise ships, some of which can accommodate more than 5,000 cruisers at a time, are designed to accommodate groups with a variety of dining venues, well-appointed staterooms, and special activities and amenities.
What special amenities, services and activities are available on board for celebrations?
Whether you are cruising to celebrate a wedding, birthday, family reunion, a retirement or a graduation, today’s cruise ships have all the amenities, services, and activities that you need for a special occasion at sea. With our help, we can arrange an onboard birthday celebration, an intimate vow renewal ceremony at sunset, a special meal in one of the ship’s fine dining venues, private shore excursions, rejuvenating spa parties, and so much more. We know which cruise lines and ships will have just what you need to really celebrate.

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