Hotel Excelsior DubrovnikDubrovnik, Croatia

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The Excelsior hotel is located near the Dubrovnik Old Town in an area of town known as Ploce, well within city limits. It is within driving distance from Dubrovnik International airport (approximately 30 minutes drive).

The hotel offers a private transfer service via luxury town cars which collect you at the airport at a surcharge (approximately 45 EUR). You may also take a taxi into town at around the same cost (depending on your luggage). Croatia Airlines also organizes shuttle buses which take you from the airport to the main city gate (called Pile) at around 6 EUR per person.

The city’s bus station (with lines to all major destinations within the region) as well as the Dubrovnik port authority are only 2 miles away from the hotel, both located in a part of town called Gruz.

From Dubrovnik International Airport:

  • Leave Čilipi Airport and turn right onto E65/8, a coastal road which later becomes Jadranska Cesta. Continue along Jadranska Cesta.and you will arrive at a sign - one for Dubrovnik and one for Split.
  • As you are entering the Dubrovnik city via the eastern entrance from Jadranska street to Pera Bakica street and nearing the intersection, get into your left hand lane and make a left turn at the T intersection into Zagrebacka street.
  • On the next crossroad located above the Old City turn left again into Petra Kresimira street. At the next crossroad you will turn right by 180 degrees and enter into Frana Supila street, leading you straight to Excelsior Hotel.

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