Alcron Hotel Prague Prague, Czech Republic

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Return of ALCRON

The Alcron Hotel was built by Prague businessman and architect Alois Krofta. It was opened in 1932. The name was created by rearranging letters in his own name and inspired by the name of the legendary ancient Greek vessel Alcron. This gave origin to a place with highly developed technologies and where every guest is treated as a king in terms of accommodation and gastronomy. The hotel and its boat logo, which has been around for nearly 90 years, has been always welcoming world-renowned personalities. Guests in the past included Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, or Hugo Haas. The Alcron Hotel has always been one of the most luxurious hotels in Prague, and its glory still proudly shines till these days.
Following the fall of communism, the hotel closed down in 1990. Then battles of the owner’s survivors began. In the end, after the property was divided among the family members, the hotel was sold to Crown WSF s.r.o. that contracted Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts to operate the hotel. In 1998, the hotel was reopened under the umbrella of Radisson SAS Hotel, later Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel. This led to beautiful 20 years, during which this beneficial partnership worked well and the Alcron Hotel greatly appreciates it. On January 1, 2019, Alcron is stepping out of the Radisson Blu network, becoming what it used to be. A place full of elegance, quality and humility, and without global regulations. This brought new possibilities which translate into an increased focus on amiable, sincere service, luxury and quality gastronomy.
What is the secret of this long-term success? There are two reasons. The first one is the corporate philosophy backed up by managing directors. The current director is Mr. Michal Chour and the hotel means everything to him. For years, he has been working on improving the work environment. He does everything so that every employee, whether a cleaner or a manager, likes to come to work, is motivated and spreads genuine positive energy. Employees are the second and the most important reason for the success of the Alcron hotel. The operation of the hotel depends on them; they give away smiles, empathy, and come to work with conviction and humility. That’s because what they do is meaningful. They believe in Alcron. Both efforts bring great results. On Tripadvisor, the Alcron Hotel has long been at the top of all accommodation facilities in Prague, currently in the seventh place. It also competes with small hotels which are easier to manage.
The Alcron Hotel offers three gourmet restaurants: the renowned Alcron restaurant, La Rotonde hotel restaurant and Be Bop bar. They are all very famous and add value to the hotel. There you will find luxury, history, an incredibly positive atmosphere as well as excellent dishes and drinks.
The Alcron restaurant now offers its winter menu. The menu gets slightly modified (two-three dishes) each month depending on seasonality of ingredients. Behind the menu is executive chef Roman Paulus and head chef Jakub Cerný. These gentlemen combined their strengths to bring back the deserved glamour to this restaurant. Roman Paulus does not need to be introduced, he is rather a mentor in the Alcron restaurant as he spends most of his time in the second restaurant, La Rotonde. The two have known each other several years when their paths had crossed on the Alcron grounds. Later, Jakub went abroad and cooked in renowned Michelin restaurants, such as Tim Raue in Berlin or The Jane in Antwerp. After his return he gastronomically matured and his manuscript is more than obvious in the Alcron restaurant. "Cooking is a job and a hobby for me and I am really happy about it. I owe Zdenek Pohlreich and Roman Paulus a lot for showing me how the world of gastronomy works. I‘d like to pass the experience I have gained so far onto my colleagues and our guests,“ says head chef Jakub Cerný.