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5. Price Changes: Most vacations and travel services described in this Site are provided by other companies. Their charges often change. Reasons include changes in currency exchange rates, changes in fuel or other costs, governments imposing or changing taxes and tariffs, their suppliers changing prices, and many other factors. Prices may vary based on seasonality, weekend and holiday surcharges, local events and many other factors. Itineraries may vary based on departure day and many other factors. All prices, even if stated in these terms, can change at any time.

6. Personal Expenses: Phone calls, room service, mini bar/snack/beverage charges, and other hotel charges, laundry, excess baggage, other airline charges, personal purchases, visa fees, inoculations and other optional purchases and charges are examples of personal extras, which are not included.

7. Deposits, Fees and Cancellation: A deposit may be required by to secure your reservation. For some hotels and for a reservation made closer to departure, full payment may be required with the reservation.

8. Changes: For a change to an existing reservation, a fee may be charged. Date changes may be considered a trip cancellation and cancellation charges may apply. If original rates are no longer available for your changed travel dates, additional charges may apply. Changes to reservations or other travel services are subject to service provider rules, change fees and cancellation policies. You will be required to pay any charges assessed by the provider.

9. If You Cancel: A cancellation request may need to be in writing. Cancellation fees may be charged. These may vary depending on the agency and hotel/service provider. For no-show the cancellation charge may be as much as 100%. There is no refund for any individual unused service or unused portion of your trip. Hotel bookings cancelled after scheduled departures are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. Please ask your Signature Travel Network Specialist for details.

10. Program Changes: Circumstances may require us or a service provider to adjust aspects of your travel. For example, travel plans can be affected by weather, water levels, incidents, danger or other conditions. Travel destinations could be affected by unanticipated events. Situations may arise when a hotel or other advertised aspect of a package not available. We and service providers reserve the right to make adjustments based on or due to these or other conditions and circumstances and or other changes and/or substitutions, also including, as examples, cancellation of or alternate events, guests, celebrities, other talent or programs, timing, hotel or other accommodations, overall itinerary or any and all other aspects of your travel, whenever in our or their judgment (even if the judgment is incorrect) circumstances or conditions warrant, or we or they deem it appropriate for comfort, convenience, economy, or safety, or for reasons beyond t