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Celebrity Equinox Undergoes The Celebrity Revolution

The newly modernized Celebrity Equinox is officially ready to sail the Caribbean. Celebrity Equinox is the third ship to be "revolutionized" as part of Celebrity Cruises' $500 million investment in ship-wide upgrades.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

On the transformed Celebrity Equinox, Caribbean cruisers will enjoy enhancements that include:

Celebrity Equinox's bow-to-stern modernization began on May 4, 2019, in Cadiz, Spain. There, the ship spent a total of 29 days in the hands of more than 500 engineers, architects, artisans, designers, contractors, shipyard employees, and the newbuild and Celebrity teams.

Celebrity Equinox is just the third revitalization for the brand. Celebrity Silhouette is next, scheduled for completion on January 31, 2020, with five more ships to be modernized by 2023.

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