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Celebrity Unveils Details Of Celebrity Summit’s Complete Renovation

Celebrity Summit's bow-to-stern transformation began on February 17, 2019, in Freeport, Grand Bahama. It spent a total of 31 days in the hands of thousands of engineers, architects, artisans, designers, contractors, and members of the Celebrity team who all worked together in the modernization of the ship.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

When updating staterooms and suites, every detail was thought through, with guest comfort at the forefront. Celebrity collaborated with renowned international hospitality firm Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) to transform the staterooms, while turning to famed designer Kelly Hoppen, MBE, to refresh the gorgeous suites and bring The Retreat to Celebrity Summit.

Enhancements made to the staterooms and suites include:

In collaboration with New York hospitality design firm BG Studio International the brand revealed:

Guests will find enhancements across the ship including:

Read my review of the newly reimagined Celebrity Summit next week.

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