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Celebrity Cruises User-Friendly Onboard App

This is a guest post written by Sara Kendall.

The home screen of the app. Courtesy of Sara Kendall

Celebrity Cruises has a brand new cruiser-friendly app to enhance guests’ cruising experience. This app will make your next cruise as smooth as possible, assuring that don’t miss any events onboard. Let's jump right into the app's features so you can learn how easy it is to make your Celebrity cruise even better.

While on a pre-inaugural sailing aboard their most technologically advanced cruise ship, Celebrity Edge, I was able to learn about Celebrity’s new high-tech app. According to Royal Caribbean’s Senior Vice President, Digital, Jay Schneider, "[Celebrity Cruises’] goal is to get passengers from their car to the bar in less than ten minutes." To get started, download the app prior to your departure date. You can then access your cruise with your Celebrity Cruises account. You will then upload a selfie and scan your passport. Once you check-in using the app you will be able to avoid the long lines during the check-in process at the cruise terminal.

Once onboard, the app's signature features will make your time onboard easier. With the app, you can:

The Digital Key allows room access without a key card. Courtesy of Sara Kendall

Schneider emphasized Celebrity’s aim to make the cruise experience better for everyone. This app will reduce hassles, solve problems, and increase fun on your cruise.

The app is constantly evolving. On my cruise, it was still in Beta format, so there are improvements on the way. Down the road, two planned features will include the ability to order a drink wherever you are on the ship by using GPS tracker and to communicate with your steward about your stateroom needs. As the app is developed, more capabilities will be added.

Currently, the app has rolled out to four of their ships and their goal is to have it available across their entire fleet by the end of 2019.

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