Fairmont SouthamptonSouthampton, Bermuda

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The Bermuda International Airport is located in St. George, approximately 35 minutes from The Fairmont Southampton.

Taxis are available at the airport, hotels. Taxi fare from Airport is approximately $30 USD, plus tip (1-4 persons), plus $1.00 per piece of luggage, 30 minutes each way .

Local Transportation:

  • There are no rental cars in Bermuda, so guests have the option of renting mopeds or taking taxis or buses to get around the island.
  • There is no Valet Parking at Southampton. Guests with a car can park in the parking lot located below the hotel. A shuttle will then bring them up the hill to the hotel.


  • Provide a good way to get arounds Bermuda. All Bermuda bus stops are marked by poles painted - like the buses - in pink and blue. They are all "request" stops which means that if there are no passengers waiting, the bus driver will not stop. If the top of the pole at the bus stop is PINK, the bus will be travelling towards the city of Hamilton and If the top of the pole is BLUE, the bus will be travelling away from Hamilton.


  • Readily available everywhere.

Nearby Airports

BDA Bermuda [Kindley Field], Bermuda 15 Miles