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7-night Hawaiian Seascapes Cruise

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UnCruise Adventures: Safari Explorer

Traveling is inspiring. It can also be nourishing. Refreshing. When you're on a small ship cruise adventure, connecting with your environment - on board or off - happens naturally. From morning yoga stretches to the Captain's Farewell Dinner, each activity is carefully crafted with every aspect in mind.

Onboard Amenities:

  • Full-beam swim steps
  • Underwater bow-mounted camera
  • On-deck hot tub (not available in Hawaii), sauna, fitness equipment, and a massage room
  • Flat-screen TV/DVD in the salon
  • DVD and book library
  • Included bar stocked with premium spirits, wines, and microbrews

Tipping Policy

Gratuities are a personal matter and are entirely at the discretion of the traveler. Gratuities are shared equally by all crew members. Payment for gratuities can be made with cash, checks, travelers checks, and credit cards. Recommended amounts are available on request. Massage gratuity is not customary on the vessels and when received it is included in the tip pool.

Public Rooms
  • Public Spaces
  • - Each vessel has its own unique personality, but all share a universal goal and with you in mind - to relax and be comfortable. Designed to bring the outside in, they come alive with art and artifacts from the places you'll travel. And the open bridge policy welcomes you to visit and discuss navigation with the captain.

    Public spaces aboard include an inviting dining room, main lounge or salon (with a varied collection of board games, books, and DVDs), and observation decks ideal for close-up wildlife viewing and relaxing under the stars. You may also find a hot tub, massage room, and sauna; and most of the vessels are equipped with an underwater hydrophone, a kayak launch platform or swim step (making access to the water easy), as well as cameras that connect to the TVs, bringing life in the water directly inside the boat.

  • Educational/Enrichment Programs
  • - In addition to getting extraordinarily close to nature and wildlife, Un-Cruise Adventures provides opportunities to learn along the way. They engage experts and historians to interpret, narrate, or bring history to life.
Sports, Health and Fitness
  • Wellness Program
  • - Onboard amenities allow you to escape through morning yoga stretches, relaxing in the on-deck hot tub, laps around the deck, enjoying a workout on the fitness equipment, or being pampered by the wellness instructor/massage therapist. Nature’s splendor takes care of the rest. And at the end of your cruise, the onboard team will send you off with a renewed sense of beauty and spirit.
  • All Beverages Included In Cruise Fare
  • - Un-Cruise Adventures' approach to wetting-your-whistle is as uncharacteristic as their vessels. Fine spirits, wines, and microbrews are served aboard all of their vessels, with many even featuring sustainable cask wines on tap. A rotating list of wine and microbrew selections will vary depending on your destination. On many itineraries, wine, beer, and spirits are included in your fare.

  • Meals Onboard
  • - All onboard meals ensure innovative, healthful dining experiences and the executive chefs aboard use ingredients that reflect the flavors of your destination.

    Mornings feature an early-riser breakfast of fresh fruit, baked-on-board pastries and breads, and a full breakfast complete with specialty items. Lunches range from pasta salads and sandwiches, to homemade soups and ethnic dishes. Dinners offer a choice of entrées that include fresh seafood and meats. Vegetarian dishes are available and special dietary needs can be met with advance notice. Hors d'oeuvres are offered during the cocktail hour, and desserts are varied and plentiful.

    Unless there's a barbecue on deck or some other special event, most meals are served over several courses - with particular attention to your personal preferences. Dining onboard is casual and seating is open so you are free to join new friends and choose a different table at every meal. And if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone occasion, let Un-Cruise Adventures know before you board and the expert pastry chef will make it memorable by whipping up a surprise treat.

    Meals are casual and feature open seating. There is no need to dress up at any time; simply wear what's comfortable, even for the Captain's Farewell Dinner.

Shipboard Policies
  • Electrical
  • - All electrical outlets on the vessel are standard 110 Volt, the same voltage as in North America. If you live in other parts of the world, you may need a special adapter.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • - The crew is trained in both first aid and CPR, and there are first aid supplies on board. While there is no physician on board, the ship is never too far from a port where medical facilities are available.

  • Smoking Policy
  • - Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the vessel. Smoking guests are welcome to smoke only on the outer aft deck in a designated area. Ashtrays will be provided. To protect the environment, guests should refrain from tossing cigarettes and cigars overboard.

  • Special Dietary Needs - Advance Notice Required
  • - Un-Cruise Adventures is able to accommodate most special dietary needs. All booked guests are required to submit the completed Medical Information Form advising of any food allergies or other dietary requirements they may have. Completing this form will ensure that the chef has enough notice to prepare for your needs. It is recommended that you check in with the chef or hotel manager upon your arrival to the ship to confirm your request.

  • Wheelchair Access & Special Needs
  • - Un-Cruise Adventures will earnestly try to accommodate guests wishing to travel with them. The primary concern is the health, safety, and well being of guests and crew. Guests with some mobility and who provide their own collapsible wheelchairs can generally be accommodated, but the vessels do not meet all applicable standards of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buildings and facilities. Guests needing any form of assistance and those who are physically disabled must be accompanied by someone who will take full responsibility for any needed assistance during the cruise and in the event of an emergency.

    Vessel interiors and operating conditions can always present challenges to wheelchairs and participation may not be possible for some activities and events. Please be aware that raised door thresholds, steep stairs, and narrow passageways can prevent wheelchair passage. Some ports of call, shore excursions, use of inflatable excursion craft, docks, gangways, and other requirements may preclude a wheelchair guest from leaving the vessel. This decision will be made by the Captain and is binding.

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